Santosha Yoga Des Moines - - Where Students, and Teachers, Can Shine
Mary Lasky at Glaza Studio Des Moines
Our website is under construction and will be up soon.  Just a few updates here:

Practice with me July 4th!  Beginner at 9-945a and Ashtanga Primary at 10-1130a. Drop-ins welcome ($12).  

Family Yoga continues Sunday July 10 and 24, at 1-2p. Text or call to reserve your spots. Walk-ins welcome as space allows. 

Our Summer Beginner Series continues through July 28.  This shareable pass gives you 25 deductions to use for yourself or share with friends and family.  Four beginner classes each week.  Attend all 25 yourself, bring as many friends as you like, or invite others to attend in your place. Your pass is kept at the studio. Mats and props provided. Purchase online or in studio.

Our studio expansion is in full swing and soon we will post our full schedule.  Things stay simple for the months of July and August while we make this transition.  Studio Class Schedule

Santosha is a cooperative studio.  Our studio is your studio for teaching, hosting, meeting, rehearsing and gathering. Call to inquire about studio rental for your private or public event, workshop or class. Teachers of art, music, movement, healing arts, and enrichment of all kinds are welcome to inquire.  Our focus is on community advocacy, wellness and helping one another. Good things happen when people get together! See our Studio Rental page to get started.

Mary's Notes on Yoga
Yoga is a mind-body experience that brings something new each time you practice.  I enjoy teaching all ages and levels of physical ability.  As an experienced instructor of children, adults and special needs, I have witnessed the transformations that take place as students find comfort and ability in their bodies and minds.
My personal practice is Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow which have an emphasis on continuous breath and connection from posture to posture.  This uninterrupted flow allows for a deeper experience and a real mental release from the daily stresses.  The intensity level is up to the practitioner, and, with a base knowledge, all ages and experience levels can joyfully practice together.  These sessions include breath work and relaxation to balance the physical effort, and this combination leaves the students feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  I am authorized to teach Ashtanga Primary Series by David Swenson and receive additional training in Ashtanga each year.

Traditional Vinyasa involves a lot of  transitioning up-and-down from the mat which is not available to many people for a variety of reasons.  This does not mean the beauty of a flow practice  is not available to you.  I offer gentler versions of flow that allow the same immersion in the practice and connection with breath and posture, but with low positioning on the mat. Moving from various seated/kneeling and lying down postures, sometimes with the use of chairs or props, a satisfying flow is available to every practitioner.    

Yoga can be taught in a group, as a private lesson, in studios or in homes.  I offer a variety of studio group class formats but always teach "to the students."  This means the class content is not scripted. and the practice will always be appropriate for those who attend.  The expense of your yoga classes can often be reimbursed through insurance or a flex pay system, so be sure to check with your healthcare provider and request receipts from me as needed.  Medical referrals are always welcome.