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Mary Lasky at Glaza Studio Des Moines

Santosha Yoga Des Moines Cooperative Studio is now open!  Classes are offered in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Back Therapy, Kids Yoga, Open Studio Hours and Privates.  Teachers are invited to contact me for studio rental information.  Three spaces are available including a 1000 sf practice space with a bamboo floor. Many thanks to the students and fellow teachers who have encouraged me along this path.  Looking forward to offering this wonderful community space!

Ready for an authentic yoga experience? Read on..

Hello and thank you for visiting Santosha Yoga Des Moines!   I am Mary Lasky, a certified yoga instructor with additional teacher qualification in Ashtanga yoga. I am a "free agent" and teach at various locations throughout the metro including hospitals, clinics, schools, homes and my own studio.  I specialize in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kid/Teen Yoga, and Therapeutic and work in group and private settings.  I am committed to teaching under-served communities and at-risk youth and you will find free on-going classes for adults and children on the schedules.  I am happy to consider leading a class for your group.

Yoga is a mind-body experience that brings something new each time you practice.  I teach in the Vinyasa style which means we flow through the practice with an emphasis on continuous breath and connection from posture to posture.  This uninterrupted flow allows for a deeper experience and a real mental release from the daily stresses.  The intensity level is up to you and you will see people of all ages and experience levels joyfully practicing together.  My sessions include breath work and relaxation to balance the physical effort, and this combination will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  
Yoga is difficult to explain in words and something you just need to experience.  I understand that getting yourself through the door for that first class, in order to have that experience, can be disconcerting.  I make every effort to help new students ease into the practice while they become comfortable with the postures and the format and the group.  I assure you, my first intention is to reduce your stress level and help you feel at home.  If you have had a "less than favorable" yoga experience, I invite you to give it another try.  Allow yourself to be led, just for one class, through an all-levels Vinyasa class, taught by an experienced, certified instructor.  I am confident that you will find it enjoyable!      
Yoga can be taught in a group, as a private lesson, in studios or in homes.  Often new students like to start with a private lesson to become comfortable with the practice and learn modifications for their specific challenges.  Feel confident in the fact that we all have challenges and things to work through.  Yoga can be modified for every person and all will benefit.  The expense of your yoga classes can often be reimbursed through insurance or a flex pay system, so be sure to check with your healthcare provider and I am happy to provide receipts and documentation of attendance.  Medical referrals are welcome.
Best, Mary Lasky